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UIT carries out engineering from the early stages to the final detailed design and also develops and manufactures equipment and devices for the mining industry.

About us

MINERAL RESOURCES is the Mining and Exploration Division of UIT GmbH Dresden.

Founded in 1990, UIT is a competent partner for planning, evaluation, construction, and realization of environmentally and economically beneficial projects in the fields of mineral resources, environmental monitoring and water technology.

UIT’s interdisciplinary team consists of 80 permanent staff members, including (geo-)scientists, engineers, metallurgists, and technicians.

Since 1998, UIT has expanded on its knowledge of mine remediation and treatment plants to contribute to the exploration, mining technology, and hydrometallurgical processing involved in alternative mining technologies, primarily in-situ recovery and leaching technologies.

UIT belongs to General Atomics Europe Gruppe and as such is part of the global network of General Atomics.

Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden
Zum Windkanal 21
01109 Dresden

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Contact person

Eduardo M Yanez
Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 171 7013320
Micha Zauner
Head of Mineral Resources
Phone: +49 351 886-3312

Products and Services

  1. OreLog® – Borehole logging tool providing quantitative measurements of mineral forming elements along a borehole, such as Al, Si, P, S, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, etc.

  2. In Situ Recovery (ISR): An environmentally friendly and economically sustainable game-changing mining methods without waste/tailings dams and less CAPEX than conventional operations.

  3. Processing / hydrometallurgical test center: Specialized in the processing of minerals containing technology metals associated with NORM:

  4. u|con: Inline measurement of uranium and other radionuclide concentrations in process solutions.

  5. Mineral Resources: General information about other products/services of the UIT GmbH:
OreLog - innovative borehole logging tool

OreLog® – an integrative borehole logging tool providing qualitative and/or quantitative measurements of desireable and undesireable mineral and ore forming elements along a borehole, such as Al, Si, P, S, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, etc. Additionally, it allows the quantification of petrophysical data that is typically gathered from expensive core drilling and mineralogical assays of ore samples.

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Mineral processing / hydrometallurgical test center

Specialized in the processing of minerals containing technology metals associated with NORM. Reproducible sample preparation is ensured with the most modern lab instruments. The facilities of the technical center provide contamination-free and reliable sample preparation; optimized and certified for NORM samples. Industrial (hydro)-metallurgical processing options are investigated from lab- to pilot-scale and are simulated by chemical processing models for up-scaling.

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In Situ Recovery

Unconventional mining methods including ISR are considered as environmentally friendly, highly innovative and economically sustainable game-changing mining methods without waste/tailings dams (no earthworks or strip ratio) and less CAPEX than conventional operations.

UIT’s references document numerous innovative solutions to optimize operational conditions of unconventional mining methods (such as ISR, IMR, etc.) and increase recovery.

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News & Innovations

UIT GmbH… your reliable partner In the REE supply chain – from ore to product

Rare earth elements (REE) are crucial for the production of clean energy, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, national defence applications and more.

In a sector where China controls more than 80% of the world’s REE production and dominates nearly every stage of the global REE supply chain, UIT GmbH is emerging as a major technology provider in the characterisation and processing of these minerals.

Thus, since 2010 to date, several REE projects have been carried out for clients in the USA, Africa, Australia and Europe.
Our services include mainly:

  • Concept studies, engineering and design of pilot plants

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

  • Piloting

  • Demonstration plants

  • Optimisation of industrial plants

  • Process modelling and PFD development

  • Design and construction of mobile pilot plants

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